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It is a matter of great satisfaction for the foundation that in its aspirations and dreams, it is not alone but has always received a helping hand from many an organization and a friend within the city and elsewhere. The following list of partners in our aspirations is not exhaustive but only select. Their association with our work has made us truly proud:

Elderly Care

hese oldage home have all the facilities including central kitchen and dinning hall. The food served is vegetarian. There are few physiotherapy equipment, golf carts to move in the campus when programs are arranged for them in our Rural Hub. Medical care is available 24 X 7 hrs. as they are in the same premises as our rural and eye hospital, nursing school & nurses hostel and mobile medical units.

Organization has given Janaseva Foundation Special Consultative Status

Janaseva Foundation to run Regional Resource Training Centre and conferred

Janaseva Foundation with Service NGO status and to run Mobile Medical Unit rural villages.


Our Portfolio

  • Enhancing public system response to maternal and newborn healthcare

  • Improving coordination across public health facilities for high risk pregnancies

  • Identifying, preventing and treating malnutrition

  • Capacity building to deliver better public services for child health and nutrition


What we do best



jansevafoundation works with vulnerable communities, public health and safety systems to develop evidence-based models to address urban health challenges.

WHO brings the world’s scientists and global health professionals together to accelerate research and development in emergency situations. In order to prevent and respond to catastrophic events like

pandemics, natural disasters and the emergence, or re-emergence, of highly pathogenic diseases, it is essential to be able

to quickly gather and share the best available knowledge and evidence on diseases, and on potential available countermeasures

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Other Programmes

We have expanded into nurse-aide training to empower young women and into palliative care to help communities manage life limiting illnesses better; supported by expertise and compassion

ealth Equity amongst the urban poor can be a powerful agent of change. Similar to health being critical to a child’s development, health equity is an indispensable milestone of a community’s development. This can be achieved by strengthening the community’s capacity to access public health services while working with public health systems to provide quality services and by changing knowledge, attitudes 

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Janseva Foundation

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